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  • SP 9 DVD
    SP 9 DVD

    For all of you who have requested more of the statuesque Kaylynn (SP8), she's back by popular demand. This time she's taking on the super sexy Catalina L'Amour. Catalina may be smaller but this sexy spitfire is as feisty as they come. This fast p View Detail

  • SP 68 DVD
    SP 68 DVD

    This is a topless custom (scripted) video, starring our latest find, the sexy and stunning Harper Anderson. The video starts out with the stunning Harper talking on the phone with her girlfriend about all the new clothes she'd love to buy. The probl View Detail

  • SP 69 DVD
    SP 69 DVD

    We've had so many requests to bring the super hot Chimere back. Ask and you shall recieve. Watch as the sexy Chimere keeps school boy pinning her male opponent, leaving him shaking like a leaf on a tree. Time after time she keeps pinning him down an View Detail

  • SP 7 DVD
    SP 7 DVD

    Newcomer Jodi Michaels (5'7", 135 lbs., 38dd) takes on Candi (5'3", 120 lbs., 34c) in a topless match that is sure to please. Jodi tries to use her size advantage to combat the legendary Candi's experience. This is a great match from start to finish View Detail

  • SP 70 DVD
    SP 70 DVD

    This video is between two long legged foxes: Kaylynn at 5'10" and Bailey at 5'9". Both of these hotties have long sexy hot legs. You'll see scissors, school boy pins, facesits and breast facesits in this super hot and sexy video. View Detail

  • SP 78 DVD
    SP 78 DVD

    Sexy hardbody Deejay Ohh puts Earl through his paces and creams him for real! She first uses her rock hard legs to squeeze him, then proceeds to facesit him out. Then she rubs and grinds her pussy all over his face, making her wet. With Earl helpless View Detail

  • SP 71 DVD
    SP 71 DVD

    This is a battle of companies as Ashley(5'8 115 LBS) takes on Willie(5'4 140 LBS). Ashley is very adept at wrestling and is phenominal shape. The scissoring vixen wears down her opponent with a variety of scissors. Scissor holds used include standin View Detail

  • SP 79 DVD
    SP 79 DVD

    The veteran busty and British babe Gol takes on 2 hot and energetic rookies. First she takes on sexy hardbody Deejay Ohh. There's lot's of sexy facesiting with Gol uses her huge ta ta's to wear the sexy hardbody down. In the next match Gol once again View Detail

  • SP 72 DVD
    SP 72 DVD

    This is a topless competitive match featuring Sia, at 5'9" 135 LBS, taking on Willie at 5'4" 140 LBS. There just comes a point in time when reality just takes over. Sia's bigger, stronger and younger than her male opponent. Sia kicks his ass with he View Detail

  • SP 8 DVD
    SP 8 DVD

    We originally hired our newest find, the stunning Kaylynn (5' 10", 135 lbs.), to do a female vs. female video but Kaylynn kept bugging us to do a competitive mixed video. We finally gave in and let her do one. All we can say is WOW!! Were we ever s View Detail

  • SP 73 DVD
    SP 73 DVD

    This video stars the Kim sisters, Big and Li'l Kim. They're on special assignment for the Acme chicken company. Their mission is to get the secret recipe from Gus, the CEO of Cluck 'n Chuck chicken. They attempt to get the secret recipe out of Gus t View Detail

  • SP 80 DVD
    SP 80 DVD

    This video contains 2 matches. The first one is with Ashley in a school boy pin match. Ashley was a master at the school boy pin, pinning him often. Several times she sat on his neck so hard that she nearly headlockd him out! The 2nd match features G View Detail

  • SP 74 DVD
    SP 74 DVD

    This is one hot and sexy video, starring long legged vixen Kaylynn and sexy blonde surfer chick Sunny. They take on Rick, turning him every which way but lose, even turning him that way a few times too!. They use facesits, pins, scissors and View Detail

  • SP 81 DVD
    SP 81 DVD

    The First match features Deejay Ohh and Gia Marie. The girls first start off arm wrestling then get wet for some of the sexiest and sensual wet t-shirt wrestling you've ever seen. Then Flowers and a note are left on their doorstep from a secret admi View Detail

  • SP 75 DVD
    SP 75 DVD

    This is a custom video featuring long legged vixen Bailey. She turns the tables on her en, cheating stepdad Earl. Earl has been abusing her mom so she sets out to teach him a lesson. When he comes over she offers him a spiked drink, making him weak. View Detail

  • SP 82 DVD
    SP 82 DVD

    Ashley is 5'8", 125 LBS and trains in several forms of combat. She takes on Chuck, who's 5'4" with no formal training. Ashley not only wanted to win but make a statement in this match. The superior sed Ashley used fierce scissors, hard slaps, heavy f View Detail

  • SP 76 DVD
    SP 76 DVD

    This is a 2 on 1 beat down video. Tricia and Max beat the living snot out of Gus. They slap, punch, kick and just totally destroy him, making his face look like raw hamburger. The beating makes his stomach red and badly bruised and his balls swelled View Detail

  • SP 83 DVD
    SP 83 DVD

    Blonde Claifornia surfer chick Sunny is back by popular demand. she teams up with ultra sexy Alana Evans . Together these sexy Blondes use there feminine wiles and their rock hard bos to their advantages. Holds used by the las include pins, faces View Detail

  • SP 77 DVD
    SP 77 DVD

    This video features 2 great matches. First sexy, hot newcomer Deejay Ohh takes on sultry, sexy Max in a topless tussle. The 2nd match has Deejay vs the spunky and sexy Lena. These 2 great topless matches feature scissors, pins, peach presses, face s View Detail

  • SP 84 DVD
    SP 84 DVD

    Sexy newcomer Max has 2 matches in this video. In the first match she takes on the always tough and aggressive Lena. There's lots of pins and facesits from these two leggy beauties. In the 2nd match Max has a tough time as she takes on the strong an View Detail

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